Prescott School District, 1220 St. Croix St., Prescott, WI 54021, 715.262.5389

Malone Elementary School
505 N. Campbell St.

Malone Elementary School is a K-5 building with an average enrollment of 550-575 students. Constructed in 1963, it received significant additions in 1988 and 2001. Malone Elementary is a one story complex which fully complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Sitting on seven acres, it has three ballfields and enjoys a large variety of playground equipment.

Grade level enrollments are usually 85-100 students and are serviced by 4-5 teachers. Class sizes hover around 20 students. Each classroom is equipped with 2-3 computers, a Promethean Technology Whiteboard, a sound enhancement system, a television and running water. The school has two computer labs of which one is on wheels. All students receive weekly instruction in computer, library, music, physical education and art from certified specialists.

Malone School works collaboratively with area day care centers to provide a 4 Year Old Kindergarten Program for students living within the school district boundaries. All three centers meet regularly to ensure that a common curriculum is provided universally. All of their instructional staff are fully certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Free transportation is available for all students in this half day program. The 4K Program is very successful in providing a jump start to the formalized K-12 learning experience in Prescott.

Malone Elementary enjoys having a very active Parent Committee. The Parent Committee puts on several family events each year which help foster a warm and nurturing environment. These events include a Fall Harvest Fest, Holiday Shopping Spree, Family 50s Sock Hop, Spring Garage Sale and School Carnival. In addition, they sponsor a cultural diversity program each year and are responsible for publishing the school directory and yearbook. The school also benefits greatly by the volunteering done by parents in the classrooms.

Prescott Middle School
125 N. Elm St.




























Prescott High School
1220 St. Croix St.

Prescott High School is a 9-12 building with an average enrollment of 360-390 students. Opened in 1970, it received a significant addition in 1992. Prescott High School is a two-story complex that fully complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Sitting on about 32 acres, it has three softball fields and one junior varsity baseball field. The varsity baseball field is located off campus and has an underground sprinkling system. Much time and effort by staff and community members has gone into the maintenance of our baseball and softball fields. The community can pride themselves on how wonderful those facilities have become. Additionally the site has a 10, 000 square foot gym (approximately), and two tennis courts. The football field and six-lane track were both reconstructed recently; an underground sprinkling system was added to the football field as well. Both facilities will provide more opportunities for our athletes and community.

Each classroom is equipped with 2-3 computers, a television, and a phone. The school has two computer labs, 14 rooms are equipped with a Promethean Technology Whiteboard and most rooms have LCD projectors with screens. The library has a great selection of books and 24 thin client computers and two other student computers to be used for research. The building features a video editing/production studio, Band and Choir rooms, large Industrial Technology area, FCE lab, and Art room. The school is equipped with an Interactive Television lab.

Grade level enrollments are usually 85-100 students. Prescott High School enjoys having a comprehensive high school curriculum including Advanced Placement courses and many extra/co-curricular activities. Due to the school population, many of our students are involved in multiple sports and activities; the experience can foster well-rounded individuals.