Prescott High School, 1220 St. Croix St., Prescott, WI 54021, 715.262.5389, Fax: 715.262.4888

Our new Gateways program will provide you the opportunity to complete your required credits for graduation in a more efficient and convenient manner through WI Virtual School. You will be able to complete some of the required work outside of the Gateways classroom (it can be done wherever you have internet access: at home, at the public library, during study hall, etc.), BUT you will be required to attend class two nights per week for up to 12 weeks (fewer weeks will be required if you complete all of your coursework before 12 weeks). All classwork and tests must be completed 12 weeks from your start date.  When you are registered for your course, you will be provided with the target end date.  All work must be completed by 11 PM on that date. All tests must be taken in the Gateways room under the supervision of Diana Champlin, Gateways Instructor. 
715-262-3407 or 715-262-5055

Click here to download the 2013-2014 Gateways Information & Gateways Contract.