Prescott Middle School, 125 N. Elm St., Prescott, WI 54021, 715.262.5054, Fax: 715.262.3965

Caring Kids is an active volunteer group open to all middle school students. During the 2011-2012 school year, thirty-one members participated in the group. Volunteers visit the Care Center once each week, beginning in October. Bus transportation is provided to the Care Center, and students must arrange for their own transportation home between 4:30 and 5pm. Students commit to participate at the Care Center at least one month, so it’s possible to work this commitment around busy schedules.

Once each week, a team of members attends the Care Center to visit with the residents. Sometimes the volunteers help the residents with puzzles, crafts, and gardening; other times they help the staff with projects. In previous years, Caring Kids have performed plays for the residents. Members are encouraged to sing choir songs, play their instruments, and share any other talents they have with the residents. Caring Kids bring new life, ideas, and fun to Prescott’s Care Center.

In the past, the group has worked with the Prescott Kiwanis during their citywide cleanup and annual fishing contest. We will consider other projects on an individual basis. There’s a bulletin board across from Mrs. Charette’s room with announcements, monthly Care Center teams, sign-up sheets, and other information. Information may also be viewed on the Prescott School District website under the Middle School, then click on Caring Kids under extracurricular activities.

Joining the Prescott Middle School Caring Kids Volunteer Group is simple. Complete a membership form and return to Mrs. Urman, or the middle school office. Contacting Mrs. Urman at, or 715-529-3763, with additional comments or concerns.

Click here to download the Caring Kids Membership Form