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Wisconsin Students Assessment System (WKCE, WKCE-CRT)

Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation requires the assessment of all students in grades 3 to 8 and grade 10 in reading and math.

Wisconsin Statutes require additional assessments in writing, language arts, science and social studies in grades 4, 8 and 10.  Wisconsin statutes also provide parents the right to “opt out” their children from these assessments and permits local districts to develop procedures to address this process.

In order for a parent to utilize the Opt Out provision, the parents must:

1. Notify the School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) in writing, at least five school days before the building is scheduled to begin testing.  No verbal requests shall be honored.

2. Any request received after this date, yet prior to the start of testing, will require the written support of the building principal, in addition to the support of the School Assessment Coordinator.  Copies of written letters are sent to the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC).

3.  Requests received AFTER testing has started, should be referred to the (DAC). 

*The district will make an attempt to honor appropriately submitted parental requests regarding test participation.  There are circumstances and situations that will require the denial of requests to opt out of state testing.  Any questions should be referred to the District Assessment Coordinator.

District Assessment Coordinator       

Nikki Benson, Curriculum Director

School Assessment Coordinators

High School, Steve Peterson, 262-5389

Middle School, Joe Pavlichek, 262-5054

Malone Elementary, Chris Frye, 262-5463