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The school district offers extensive special services to students with disabilities. These services include programs and/or personnel to assist in the education of students requiring special educational services due to one or more of the following conditions.

General Education Teacher

IEP teams must include at least one of the student’s general education teachers if the student is participating in any general education classroom environment.  The general education teacher(s) also should participate in the development, review and discussion of the student and the IEP.  The intent of the regulation is for general education teachers to fully understand how to help teach a student with disabilities.

The classroom teacher’s knowledge of the child’s needs in relation to the curriculum is an important component in the new IDEA amendments.  At the secondary level the team may designate one of the student’s teachers to be present.  Specific input from those not attending should be sought to ensure that all curriculum areas have been addressed.


The Individuals with disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 are the fifth set of amendments to the education for All Handicapped Children Act, better known as EHA or Public Law 94-142.

Before EHA became law, children with disabilities were all too often not served in the public schools.  When they were allowed to attend, the education they received was often not appropriate to their unique needs or they were removed from the regular education classroom and educated separately, frequently in entirely separate schools.

Responding to this inequity, Congress passed the EHA, which through a series of amendments has become what, today, we call the IDEA.  Idea has running through it six principles that provide the framework around which special education services are designed and provided to students with disabilities.  These principals are:

Alone, and together, these six principles work to guarantee that children with disabilities can go to school every day, learn what other children learn, except perhaps in different ways, and have their individual education needs determined and addressed. 

Selected Informal Goals of IDEA 97