District Transportation
Tim Rudquist - Director of Transportation
Office: Prescott School District Bus Garage, 1220 St. Croix St.
Ph: 715-262-3212
E-Mail: trundqui@prescott.k12.wi.us

In accordance with state law and guidelines established by the Department of Transportation, the School District of Prescott shall provide bus transportation for all students living two or more miles from their school of attendance or within areas of unusual hazard.

The Board of Education considers school buses to be an extension of the school facility, therefore, all rules and regulations concerning student conduct shall be enforced. Failure to observe such rules and regulations may result in suspension of bus riding privileges.

If you have questions regarding transportation within the Prescott School District, please contact our District Transportation Coordinator, Tim Rundquist at trundqui@prescott.k12.wi.us (715.262.3212)