Nursing Department
Cassie Butler, R.N. Melanie Charette, L.P.N.
Office: Malone Intermediate Elementary School, 1220 St. Croix St. Office: Malone Elementary School, 505 N. Campbell St.
Ph: 715-262-2383 Ph: 712-262-5463
Fax: 715-262-2379

24 hour rule for illnesses
As the cold and flu season progresses, please keep in mind the 24 Hour Rule.  Any time your child has a fever, has been diagnosed with an illness and put on antibiotics, or has been vomiting they need to remain at home for 24 hours. 

Our policy is:
  • They need to be fever free (99.9 or less) for at least 24 hours without taking a fever reducing medication (i.e. tylenol or ibuprofen) before returning to school.
  • It needs to be more than 24 hours since they last threw up.
  • They need to be on the antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school.  For example, if they were diagnosed with strep they need to stay home for 24 hours after the first dose of antibiotic was given. 
  • For pink eye or eye infections the student must stay home for 24 hours after starting eye drops. If the eye continues to be red, itchy or is draining please keep your child home and follow-up with your physician as sometimes medication needs to be changed.  For Elementary students, eye infections are quite contagious!
  • For Influenza, the student must stay home 5-7 days or until the fever and cough are gone.
This will help to prevent the spread of these illnesses to other children and staff members throughout the school district.  We want to promote as much learning as possible at school!

Weekend Food Assistance Program
The Prescott School District partners with the Prescott Food Shelf to provide a free package of foods for students and families in need.  These food items go home in student's backpacks on Fridays so that they have quick, easy to prepare foods that require minimal adult supervision to make.  

This is a free, confidential program that does require parental/guardian permission.  For more information please read the click here, or call Cassie Butler at 715-262-2383.

Revamped Prescott District Wellness Policy
Strengthening our school district’s commitment to our student’s lifelong wellness and optimized learning by promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Encourage Access to Drinking Water
  • Use Student Rewards that Support Health
  • Make Celebrations and Fundraisers Healthier 
  • Create a Physically Active Classroom
Guidelines for Families for the 2017-18 School Year from the PSD Wellness Committee:
  • Students are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle to school so they can access water that is provided at our school’s water bottle filling stations.(staying hydrated improves health and learning!)
  • Teachers will seek to use non-food items for rewards such as; games, playing music and other multiple other activities.  Opportunities for physical activity are preferred to recognize students for their achievements or good behavior.
  • Celebrations such as birthdays and classroom parties should provide opportunities for students to celebrate by telling stories, sharing photos, music, dance, games, physical activities or the option of providing a healthy snack (fresh produce and whole foods are recommended). If sending foods other than fresh whole foods for school celebrations; the food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen (grocery store or other vendor).
Home prepared foods may no longer be provided, due to potential dietary restrictions or food allergies that require listing nutrition, ingredients and carb count statements on the package.
  • The school district will encourage fundraising activities that promote wellness among student, staff and families. Fundraising should include physical activity events or nonfood items.  When using food for fundraising, the district recommends healthy foods such as fruit sales.  
  • School staff and families will engage in a partnership to meet the policy goals, by promoting good nutrition and physical activity through dialogue in meetings, sharing information through school/teacher’s websites, classroom communications, building/district newsletters, and parent/teacher advisory meetings.  
For more information view our wellness policy at: