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Administration Directory

District Office, 1220 Saint Croix Street

Phone: 715-262-5782 
Fax: 715-262-5091

School Hours: 7:55 AM - 2:40 PM
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM 

Superintendent   Dr. Rick Spicuzza, 
Executive Assistant   Beth Linderholm,
Director of Teaching & Learning   Michael Kosmalski,
Facilities & Maintenance   Mike Hoikka, 
Director of Information Technology   Kyle Flaherty, flahertyk@prescott.k12.wi.us
Human Resources Coordinator            Elizabeth Roberts, robertse@prescott.k12.wi.us
Finance Coordinator      Renee Peterson, petersonr@prescott.k12.wi.us

Prescott High School, 1010 Dexter Street

Phone: 715-262-5389

Principal   Josh Fiege, fiegej@prescott.k12.wi.us
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director   Matt Smith, smithma@prescott.k12.wi.us
School Counselor   Vanessa Maione, maionev@prescott.k12.wi.us
School Counselor   Gabriella Riley, rileyg@prescott.k12.wi.us
Student Services Administrator   Mark Inouye, 
Director of Teaching & Learning   Mike Kosmalski,
School Psychologist   Kayla Fecht, fechtk@prescott.k12.wi.us


Prescott Middle School, 125 N. Elm Street

Phone: 715-262-5054
Fax: 715-262-3965

Principal   Kyle Igou, 
Guidance Counselor                        Larissa Dreyer, dreyerl@prescott.k12.wi.us


Malone Intermediate School, 1220 Saint Croix Street

Phone: 715-262-2383
Fax: 715-262-2379

Principal                      Donita Stepan, stepand@prescott.k12.wi.us
School Counselor   Kevin Haglund,
School Psychologist   Beth Dodge,
Community Education   Penny Peterson, 

Malone Elementary School, 505 N. Campbell St.
Phone: 715-262-5463
Fax: 715-262-0052

Principal                      Sara Dusek, duseks@prescott.k12.wi.us
School Counselor   Kevin Haglund, haglundk@prescott.k12.wi.us
School Psychologist   Beth Dodge, dodgebe@prescott.k12.wi.us


School Health
Phone: 715-262-5463

District Nurse   Cassie Butler,
Malone Nurse   Melanie Charette, charettem@prescott.k12.wi.us


Phone: 715-262-3212

Director of Transportation        Tim Rundquist,