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2019-2020 School Year Policy

Dear Parents:

The Prescott School Nutrition Department has a computerized cashier and management system. It helps our district manage family “debit accounts” for purchases made for breakfast, morning milk, lunch, and ala carte items. Each school member (students and staff) of your family will receive a personal identification number (pin). This 4 digit number will remain the same throughout enrollment at Prescott School District. Upon graduation of the youngest student of the family, accounts with balances over $10 will be refunded by check to the parent’s address.


Families will deposit money into their family account. Please note – there must be money in your account in order to use it – this is not a charge account. When the student goes through the line, they will punch their number into a keypad.  Their name and account balance will flash onto a computer screen. The cashier will then check to make sure the right student is being served, punch in the food items on the tray, and the items will be automatically recorded. The cashier will tell the student if the family account balance is low and ask them to remind you to send in a deposit  At the end of each day, purchases made by all family members will be deducted from your account. 


  • Students do not have to worry about misplacing tickets or cash. No purchases will be made on a cash basis.
  • Parents will prepay for as many meals as convenient. Prepayment may be done as frequently as you’d like, preferably in monthly installments
  • Parents need to send only one check for meals for all of their children attending the Prescott School District.
  • The system protects the student’s pride by handling free and reduced fee lunches confidentially.

We need your help to keep our program running smoothly.  Here are some important points to remember.
  • Please register for online lunch account access.  This will allow you to check your balance, view detailed transactions, make online payments and apply for free and reduced benefits.  You will need a 16 digit Family Key in order to register.  Please call or email us if you need that number.  If you need additional assistance, please call 800-934-2621 for Technical Support.
  • Please call us if your address, phone, or email changes.
  • Check your account balance frequently.  We will do our best to make sure students know when their account balance is low, but it is your responsibility to maintain a positive balance in the account.  We have an automatic phone dialer system which places calls to negative accounts two times a week on Tues. and Sun. and an email system to notify low balance accounts (under $20 per family) three times a week on Mon., Wed., and Sat.  We are also starting to send texts on Mon. and Thurs.  If you are not receiving negative balance texts, call us to get set up.  You can always manage your notification settings by accessing your online account.
  • Deposits may be mailed to:  SCHOOL NUTRITION DEPT., PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, 1010 DEXTER ST., PRESCOTT, WI  54021, or they may be dropped in a box available at each school office.  Deposits made by 8:30 a.m. will be posted to your account before lunch.  Students should not give deposits or cash to the cashiers in line.  Please make checks payable to: Prescott Schools Nutrition Dept. Do not include any other school fees with the lunch deposit.  Deposits should be in an envelope with the following information: Head of Household, Family Account No., and Student Names. This information is important to ensure that deposits are credited to the proper family account.  It is also helpful to have the family # on your check.  We do accept credit card and checking debits online through the school’s website
  • Parents may restrict students from making additional ala carte purchases by calling in or emailing your request.  You may restrict all ala carte and/or breakfast. These restrictions remain in effect from year to year until you contact us to cancel.
  • Morning milk break purchases at Malone Elem. and Intermediate will be recorded by individual classroom teachers and will be billed daily to the appropriate family account.
  • Students should know their individual PIN.  They should not give this number to other students. Unauthorized use of the PIN will be considered as theft and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Use the prices listed here to help calculate your meal costs. If you have 6-12 grade students, remember that they have extra ala carte items available for them to purchase. Discuss with them how much they may spend on these items.
***Please read our Unpaid Meal Charge and Debt Collection Policy to become familiar with our procedures for negative accounts.

Please submit free and reduced applications early, preferably before the start of school.  Those families who qualified last year will remain eligible for the first 30 days of school. Households currently receiving assistance under the Food-Share Program or W-2 (cash benefits only) are automatically qualified for free meals and DO NOT need to fill out an application.

Please feel free to contact Tina Stenroos or Carrie Lebakken at the High School with any questions you may have, 715-262-5389 - option 4 or e-mail or We look forward to serving our students and staff.
Tina Stenroos
Director of School Nutrition