Registration Dates
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Please note that registration fees will increase slightly for traveling sports that begin after Jan 1, 2019. None of the in-house programs will see an increase. Spring 2019 traveling softball fee will be $200.00 and traveling baseball will start at $135.00 (+$50.00 for those players playing on an MBL team).  Thank you for your participation in these important youth programs!
Activity Grade Open Date Closing Date Season
Traveling Basketball** B/G Gr. 3-8 May 8/3/19 Fall
Tackle Football* Gr. 5-6 June 8/3/19 Fall
NEW!!!  Flag Football Gr. 5-6 June 8/3/19 Fall
Flag Football* Gr. 1-4 June 8/3/19 Fall
Traveling Volleyball Gr. 5-6 June 8/3/19  
In House Volleyball Gr. 3-6 June 8/3/19  
Traveling Baseball Gr. 5-8 January 2/15/20 Spring/Summer
In House Baseball Gr. 1-4 January 2/15/20  
Traveling Softball Gr. 5-8 January 2/15/20  
In House Softball Gr. 1-4 January 2/15/20  
Traveling Volleyball Gr. 4, 7, 8 February 2/15/20  
In House Soccer Gr. K-6 March 3/28/20 Spring/Summer
T-Ball Gr. K March 3/28/20 Spring/Summer
Traveling Basketball** B/G Gr. 3-8 May 8/1/20 Fall

​Forms will also be available at the main offices of each school, as well as, the PCR web page listed above. If you chose to mail your registration form please send it to: Prescott High School, 1220 St. Croix St, c/o Angela Magee

* These activities have summer sign up dates. Therefore, forms will not be sent home. Please pick up forms at sign up or they will also available on the PCR web page.
** For Traveling Basketball; due to league scheduling, sign up is many months in advance of the actual season. Please note the early sign up date for this program.

PLEASE make note of the registration deadlines as they appear on the registration forms. These are the deadlines that need to be met if your child wishes to participate in a particular activity.