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Gifted and Talented
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Prescott Gifted and Talented Programming Handbook

2019 - 2020 Cardinal Quest Competition Dates

Cardinal Quest Program Overview

  Core Instruction Targeted Extensions Intensive Extensions
Possible Services Offered Core instruction
•  Standards Based curriculum that meets Prescott Priority Standards
•  Differentiated activities in the classroom based on each student’s needs
•  Think Tank lessons to all 1st & 2nd grade students based on the Primary Education Thinking Skills curriculum
Enrichment in classroom or pull out activities through Cardinal Quest Extensions for K-8th grade.
•  In addition to Standards Based curriculum, students are given opportunities to go deeper in subject area
•  Uses an integrated/ interdisciplinary approach that incorporates the philosophy of Project Based Learning and aligns with standards.
Cardinal Quest Gifted & Talented Services - pull out program when available
•  Provides Social and Emotional Support for the unique needs of gifted learners.  
•  Independent projects that promote choice, time management, deeper levels of thinking, and learning at a student’s own pace
Extracurricular Options •  Destination Imagination
•  National Current Events League
•  National Geography Bee
•  National Spelling Bee
•  Literary Contest & other writing contests
•  Math & science competitions
•  National History Day (6th - 12th grade) 
•  Forensics (6th - 12th grade)
•  National Honor Society (11th - 12th grade)
•  Drama Rama (3rd - 5th grade)
•  Robotics Clubs, Literacy Clubs, Math Clubs
•  Mystery Disease PBL (5th grade
•  Math Masters Competition (5th & 6th grade)
•  Environmental Speaking Contest (5th - 8th grade)
•  Future Problem Solvers Scenario Writing Contest (5th - 8th grade)
•  WI Ag in Classroom Essay Contest (4th grade)
•  WI DNR Poetry Contest (3rd grade)
•  Young Scientists Competition through 3M (5th - 12th grade)
•  Etc.

•  Unique field trips specific to Gifted & Talented students
•  Specialized programs for Gifted & Talented students
•  Additional learning differentiated opportunities as needed and as available
•  Etc.