Welcome to the Prescott School District Student Services Department

The Student Services Department supports all students by addressing and reducing barriers to learning and enhancing healthy development.  We strive to ensure that students' learning, social-emotional, and physical needs are met through a variety of programs and supports.  

Student Services Department includes:  Special Education, Nursing, School Psychology, School Counseling, English Language Learner, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech & Language, Homebound, Homeless, Gifted/Talented, and Section 504.

If you have any questions about Special Education, Student Services, or other programs, please contact the Student Services Office at 715-262-5059.


Mark Inouye, 
Director of Student Services

Student Services Staff
Mark Inouye
Director of Student Services
715-262-5059  x1127
  Barb Bowen
Administrative Assistant
715-262-5059  x1125
  Julie Backes
Administrative Assistant
715-262-5059  x1124
Beth Dodge
School Psychologist
EC/4K through Grade 5
715-262-5463 (ME) x1157
715-262-2383 (MI) x3121 
  Kayla Fecht
School Psychologist
Middle & High School
715-262-5054 (HS) x2311
715-262-5389 (MS) 4157 
  Cassie Butler
District Nurse
EC through Grade 12
715-262-2383 x3155


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