Use Of Video Policy

The Prescott School District approves the use of video cameras on the school buses for the primary purpose of reducing disciplinary problems and vandalism on the bus, thereby allowing the driver to focus on the driving of the bus providing for safer transportation for our students.

Parents should be notified once a year (District Newsletter) that video cameras are being used on the buses and a sign shall be placed at the front of each bus indicating that video cameras are being used on that bus.

The transportation director, or director’s designee, shall determine the placement of video cameras and maintain a log to include the date, bus number and driver.  Individual drivers and principals may request that the video camera be on a specific bus on designated dates.  Parents may contact the transportation director and request that a video camera be utilized on a specific bus.

This monitoring system shall not be used to monitor driver behavior except to counsel and assist drivers in solving student behavior problems.  Drivers shall also be informed when a video camera has been placed on his/her bus.

Only the transportation director, bus driver, principal, and district administrator shall be authorized to view the video tape for the purpose of documenting a problem, and determining which student(s) may be involved.  Disciplinary action may be taken with students based on the viewing of a video tape recording, and/or their parent(s), may view that isolated segment of the video tape that documents the incident for which they are being disciplined.  The transportation director or building principal(s), shall view the tape with the student and/or parent(s) and document the date and the names of al individuals viewing the tape.

The video tapes shall not be available to viewing by the public in general, employees in general, media, or other individuals.  The principals or district administrator may authorize other individuals, such as the guidance counselor, special education director, school psychologist or social worker, to view segments of a specific video tape, if such individuals are working with the student on the video tape because of a behavior, emotional, or learning problem, and viewing the video tape is beneficial to their role in assisting the student.  A log shall be kept of the date and names of the individuals viewing the video tape.

If there are not bus problems pertaining to the date a video was taped, the video may be erased or reused after ten (10) school days.