Nuclear Emergency Policy

An accident at the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant is very unlikely. The plant’s safety record is excellent, however, we must have a plan in case of emergencies.

In case an emergency at the power plant requires government officials to evacuate the ten-mile zone around the plant, the Pierce County Warning Center, which is part of the Sheriff’s Department, would notify the school principals. Then children would not be sent home but held at school for parents to pick up. This affects the children who live or travel within the ten-mile emergency zone around the plant. The remaining children will be sent home as usual.

We have students within the ten mile emergency zoning riding on all buses except buses #12 and #15 and all city buses. Thus, in case of an emergency, only buses #12 and #15 will run and the city buses would run. All the other students would need to be picked up at the school. The City of Prescott and the schools in the Prescott School District are just outside the ten-mile zone.