Student Code of Conduct

It is imperative, for the successful operation of a school that all students behave in a manner that promoted positive education experiences. WISCONSIN ACT 335 (Senate Bill 274) addresses classroom conduct and the removal of a pupil from class.
A teacher may remove a pupil from the teacher’s class if the pupil is dangerous, unruly or disruptive, or exhibits behavior that interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively. The teacher shall send the removed pupil to the principal or his/her designee and notify the principal or designee immediately of the reasons. In addition, the teacher shall provide the principal/designee within 24 hours after the pupil’s removal from class a written explanation of the reasons for the removal.
The school principal or designee shall place the pupil in on of the following:
  • The class from which the pupil was removed if, after weighing the interests of the removed pupil, the other pupils in the class and the teacher, the school principal or designee determines that the readmission to the class is the best or only alternative.
  • Another class in the school or another appropriate place in the school, as determined by the principal or designee.
  • Another instructional setting.
  • An alternative program as defined by law.
Removal of a pupil from class under this law does not prohibit the teacher who removed the pupil or the school board, school district administrator, school principal or their designee from the disciplining the pupil.
Teachers will follow the steps below before removing a student from class:
  • Keep accurate records of the past discipline problems.
  • Record all contacts the teacher has made with the parent or guardian.
  • Record previous discipline techniques that were attempted.
  • Contact the principal/designee, or guidance counselor regarding the pupil.
Removal from class should be used only after all other interventions have been attempted. Any such removal is subject to federal law and procedural safeguards for children.