Drivers Education

Drivers Education classroom will be equivalent to three weeks of summer school.  The fees for Behind The Wheel classroom and the driving portion of BTW are $280.00.  The district requires that all students enrolled in the program pay $180.00 during the classroom and pay the remaining balance during their driving session.  During the classroom session the instructors will collect the fees and review the drivers education criteria and handout the MV3001 form to those students which qualify to receive their permit (15 ½  years of age). The driver's education fee can be made in payments if needed, but must be arranged with the instructor the first two days of classroom training.

WI DOT Motorist Handbook

Wisconsin Driver's Practice Test

Class A:  8 AM - 11 AM  June 11th - June 29th. 
Class B:  11 AM - 2 PM  June 11th - June 29th. 
Class C:  8 AM - 11 AM  July 9th - July 27th.
Class D:  11 AM - 2 PM   July 9th - July 27th.
All classes will meet at PHS, Room 204

ONLINE PAYMENTS can be made here.

 Please contact the High School office (715.262.5389) to find out what class your student must attend.