Operational Policies
Series 300:  Instruction

330 Curriculum Development and Adoption 340 Educational Program
341.1 Health Education
342.5 Title I Parental Involvement
342.6 Title I Student Selection
342.62 English Language Learners (ELL) Parent Policy
342.63 ELL Program Exit and Reclassification
342.64 ESL Student Selection Procedures for Prescott School District
343.42 Youth Options
345.11 High School Class Rank, Honor Roll, and High Honors
345.14 On-Line and Virtual Course Policy
345.3 Homework
345.4 High School Graduation Policy
345.5 Fourth and Eighth Grade Promotion Policy
345.6 High School Graduation Requirements
345.61 Early Graduation
345.62 Eligibility for Participation in High School Graduation
345.63 Senior Status Recognition
345.7 Plagiarism/Cheating Policy
346 District Achievement Testing Program/Standards
346.2 Parental Opt-Out Procedure
346.4 Third Grade Reading Test/Standard (R)
346.5 Home Based Education Student Transfer
347 Student Records
350 Extended Instructional Programs
360 Instructional Resources and Services
370 Co-Curricular Activities and Programs