Credit Check 
All students are encouraged to request a copy of his/her transcript to verify accuracy, but especially those who have taken summer school and/or night school or have participated in Jazz Band or River City Singers.

All students enrolled at Prescott High School must successfully complete 48 semester credits to meet graduation requirements.  At the end of the year, freshmen should have a minimum of 12 credits; sophomores, a minimum of 24; and juniors, a minimum of 36 in order to be on track for high school graduation.  If you do not have the necessary minimum credits, please make an appointment to visit with Mr. Peterson, or with your case manager if you have special learning needs.

Mid-term Reports
Seniors, if a college requires a copy of your transcript after 1st semester grades are posted at the end of January, please let the guidance office know.

Need a Transcript?
Alumni, if you are in need of a transcript, please email the following information to 
  • Your current name, address, and phone number
  • Name on transcript (if different)
  • Graduation year 
  • Address where you want your transcript sent  
Click here to download and print the form.   Please fill out the request form completely and email to the counseling office.