(Before/After School, Early Release, Professional Development Days)
Prescott School District is pleased to inform families of local options for before and after school hours.  These options include programming on non-school days during the academic year, as well. The following resources are independent of the district and questions about programming, fees, availability, etc. should be made directly to the child care provider listed below.  Both New Adventures and Heart, Hands & Mind also host Prescott School District’s 4 year-old Kindergarten.  The district provides transportation between these locations and our elementary and intermediate schools when school is in session, including midday routes for the 4K students (listed in reverse alphabetical order):

New Adventures Learning Center offers a variety of childcare options from 6-weeks through 12 years old. For more information about New Adventures, including contact information, programming and rates, please visit their website: or read more here.

Heart, Hands, & Mind Childcare offers care for birth through school-aged children. For more information about Heart, Hands & Mind Childcare, including contact information, programming, and rates, please visit their website:

Hastings YMCA Before/After School Care will provided onsite at Malone Intermediate School for grades K-5.  Students attending the before school session can purchase the school breakfast provided by district food services for an additional fee. Transportation will be provided between the elementary and intermediate schools. For more information about fees, registrations and programming, please visit their website:


The 2019-2020 School Year SAC Registration is OPEN!!
Register for FREE through Tuesday, June 25th!!
Online Registration

PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to the online registration, the attached CHILD CARE LICENSING FORMS must be completed and returned to the Site Director.

The YMCA SAC program is licensed through the State of Wisconsin. In addition to your child’s complete YMCA SAC registration, all families are required to complete and return the following licensing forms for each child to maintain state licensing compliance:

1.  Health History and Emergency Care Plan
2.  Immunization Record
Although immunization dates were recorded on your child’s YMCA registration form, state licensing requires that a complete immunization history for each child be on file. Therefore, you will need to provide all immunizations including the dates already recorded on the YMCA registration form. Please choose one of the following reporting methods:
  • Enter the immunization dates on the form provided.
  • Send a print out from the Hospital/Clinic.
  • Complete the Compliance Data and Waivers section of the Immunization Record form to waive this requirement.
  • This form is required for all K-2 grade children.
  • Children in 3-5 grade will need to complete this form if they will be reporting to SAC late or leaving to participate in other programs within the school building during SAC program hours (i.e. band, choir, sports, scouts, etc.). 
4.  Transportation Permission
This form grants Malone School Age Care Program permission to transport your child for any field trips.

5. Authorization to Administer Medication Form
If your child requires medication (prescription or non-prescription) to be dispensed during SAC program hours an Authorization to Administer Medication Form must be completed. Medication is required to be in the original container and can be stored at program. Children are not allowed to carry their medication with them. This also includes Epi-Pen administration for allergic reactions. In addition, there is a separate Epi-Pen Waiver that will also need to be completed. See SAC Site Director for these forms.