Early Childhood Development

Melissa Miller, millerm@prescott.k12.wi.us
715-262-5463, ext. 1103
Malone Elementary School, Rm103/103A

Prescott School District’s Child Development Screenings

Fridays 11:30-2:00 @Malone Elementary Room 103/103A
(Special times & arrangements could be made if the day/times are challenging to arrange. Daycare visit can be done upon approval from parent/childcare providers) 

If you, a family member, or a childcare provider have concerns with your child’s development in: 
  • Speech/Communication, Behaviors/Social-Emotional development not typical of their age, Fine/Gross Motor development and/or other areas of development make an appointment.
  • Screening age starts at 2 years 9 months through age 4 (not attending 4K)
  • Screening is free and early intervention is key in your child’s success!.
To schedule an appointment call 715-262-5463 ext. 1103.  Our Early Childhood team will take your information & get you set up. Appointments are approximately 45 minutes

*Younger children Birth-2 years 6 months should call: 715-273-6759 Pierce Co.

Child Development Screening offers:
A chance to discuss your concerns about your child’s development & to understand stages of development
A chance for your child to visit a preschool classroom 
Screen the following areas: fine/gross motor, speech, cognition, social interaction, hearing
Collect information on community resources, educational materials, parenting strategies & tips for families/caregivers of young children.