Mental Health Department

Kari Weiss, Mental Health Navigator
Office: Prescott Intermediate School (715)262-2383  x 4907
Hours: Monday - Wednesday all day or by appointment

In the 2017-2018 school year, the Prescott School District surveyed their student body to assess their overall wellness.  Alarmed by the results, as well as their professional experiences and observations, the district made a concerted and paramount effort to address the student body’s mental health concerns.  Case in point, they applied for and received a substantial sum of money from Wisconsin’s, DPI - “School-based Mental Health Services Grant” and the DOJ, “School Safety Grant”. The funds were used to provide Trauma-Based training for all staff, additional co-located therapeutic services, surveys for further measuring students’ wellness and to provide a district, Mental Health Navigator among other services. 

April 17, 2019: Prescott School Board Supports County Comprehensive Community Service. Read resolution here.