March 16, 2020, 12:36 p.m.


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Middle & High School Students & Parents - Infinite Campus for Off-Campus Learning.

Malone Intermediate: Off-Campus Learning Site   .   Malone Elementary News   .   Closure Information Parent Letter

An email has been sent to families who qualify for free and reduced meals. PSD will be providing meals to families through drive-up service or delivery after completion of the information requested in the email.

Infinite Campus for Off-Campus Learning

Prescott Middle and High School Families
Prescott School District is committed to ensuring the continued learning and educational engagement of all of our students. As of March 15, 3:00 pm there are NO reported cases of Coronavirus connected to any of our students or staff. The Prescott School District wants parents to know our secondary staff has been putting plans in place to educate our students in the event that schools need to be closed  On March 13, Governor Evers mandated the closure of all Wisconsin Schools effective as of 5:00 pm on March 18th. 

To address this mandated closure through April 6, 2020 we are outlining how we will continue to provide continuous learning and academic engagement. Starting on March 16, 2020 our secondary teachers will be working with students to demonstrate how to access and remain academically engaged through the April 6th closure.  We will be using our family and student portal called Infinite Campus. Our students currently use Infinite Campus to check grades, attendance, schedule, and class messages. Teachers will be using the Infinite Campus platform to post online lessons, assignments, quizzes, and discussions.

During the state-mandated closure, teachers will be communicating via Infinite Campus and school emails. If you are a family that does not have access to the internet/technology at your residence, please have your student let their classroom teachers know. Staff will work to provide a hardcopy of materials/assignments prior to school closings. 

What will Off-Campus Learning Days look like for my student?
In a virtual learning environment, students will need to take responsibility for their work and engagement. While set “class times” will not be held, teachers will regularly be sending learning activities and assignments and collecting those as evidence of your child’s learning during this time. Please communicate and support your students to work in this environment. Additionally, if necessary, you may contact your child’s teacher to communicate via email. We should anticipate, for example, that students or other family members may become ill, which could compromise a student’s ability to complete work for a period of time. Just as you regularly would communicate with the school, in the event that your child is ill and unable to complete work, please call the school attendance line to report this as an illness.

Understand we are in unprecedented times and information will continue to change.  Please continue to refer to the district’s website for the most up to date information. We will also be communicating via:
  • Email
  • Automated Phone Calls
  • Website Updates
Parents, please ensure you have updated all your contact information with the school district. Also, login to your Infinite Campus portal and check your contact information for accuracy. If you need to update the information, please contact your school and provide your currentphone and/or email to ensure you do not miss key information from the district.