Nurse's Corner

Please check here for updates from Cassie Butler, our school nurse, with evolving understanding about COVID-19.
In addition, other information will be provided about our plan for the school environment once approved by the Pierce County Health Department. 
Return to Learn - 2020/2021
COVID Testing: Insurance Coverage & Grievance Hotline

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services released an extensive report last summer which details facts about testing and who is responsible for covering its costs. Some important information to note:
  • The majority of COVID-19 testing should be provided through health insurance payments and local partners should use this funding resource. 
  • The CARES Act passed by Congress requires health insurance companies to pay for the following costs directly related to COVID-19 testing: 
    • Office visit (in-person and telehealth) 
    • Urgent care visit 
    • Emergency room visit 
    • Any office visit during which a provider orders a COVID-19 test 
    • Handling fees and laboratory costs for processing a COVID-19 test
Insurers are not allowed to require any cost-sharing, copays, or deductibles, prior authorization or medical management for any COVID-19 testing. Insurers are only required to pay the full cost of an office visit during which a test is ordered or performed if the visit pertains specifically to COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, or diagnosis and not for unrelated office visits during which a COVID-19 test is ordered or administered.  View the full document here.

If you feel you have been unfairly or inaccurately charged for a COVID test or procedure, contact the State of Wisconsin’s Grievance Hotline Number: 800.236.8517.